Welcome to the Re-Imagination Station

After years and years of reusing, repurposing, and reinventing others’ recipes, ingredient selections, and great foodie ideas, I decided it was time to put my genius re-imaginations into one place.  Alas, I have joined the blogging world.

Many have suggested along the way that I document (and share!) all of the fun things I do in the kitchen, but my reaction has always been the same: I am not a chef, I just re-imagine what others–of much greater culinary prowess than yours truly–create but on a much simpler scale.  However, as a teacher, I always look for ways to marry effectiveness, efficiency, and urgency, which oftentimes means using what others before have created, analyzing to determine what needs targeted tailoring, and adjusting to meet the specific needs of my students.  This is precisely what I do in the kitchen–although the analysis and adjustment process usually depends on what is in the fridge, the status of my food addiction budget, and how late it is. 

With this in mind, I hope you enjoy my collection of re-imagined recipes.  Many are not glamorous, but all are delicious.  Cheers!

My perfect chocolate souffle cupcakes with mint cream crushed by 36 rolls of toilet paper.

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