Freezer Full of Fish

The Last Frontier has the best fish in the world.  I am trying to come up with something witty and creative to follow this sentence to reiterate how incredible our fish is up here, but can’t come up with anything.  There is no argument.  It is the best. 

Our family has countless memories of Alaskan fishing adventures.  The time that mom saw Paul Newman, drank wine out of the bottle in the middle of the river, and armed herself with a shotgun to protect us from a cantankerous grizzly all in one day is a favorite memory of mine.  Another favorite includes the time my brother sat on some driftwood, only to quickly realize he had disturbed a wasps’ nest.  Or how about the time dad almost got nailed in the head with an apple core?  A lowlight includes the (one and only) time dad was given permission to ride in the driver’s seat of the one-man cataraft only to get stuck in a raging eddy that required high octane stunts on one brother’s part and professional rowing skills on my part.  The worst lowlight, however was the time I got so seasick halibut fishing that I honestly didn’t care if I rolled from the aisle of the boat into Kachemak Bay to be devoured by whatever got to me first.  After that trip, I should have immediately invested stock into Dramamine because I literally will not leave the shore without it.  Most people take one or two, I take four or five.  You think I am kidding?  Trust me, I’m not.  🙂

With all of that said, we had many fishing adventures this past summer that necessitated the purchase of a new freezer for the garage.  It is full of halibut, silver salmon, and Rudolph (yes, caribou).  The thing I love most about having a freezer full of deliciousness is that there are endless possibilities to be created in the kitchen.  I can’t wait to go back for more this summer!

Halibut with a whole variety of spices

Skilak Lake

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