Fresh and Fancy Free!!

After successfully migrating from Blogger to WordPress, I am feeling accomplished and rather techy. I wonder if real computer folks literally cheer when some piece of code they write actually works. (I’ve done lots of cheering.) I’ve been playing with logos and other web design elements too. What fun!!

Good news: All of the old links to your favorite recipes work. So if you love the Beer Cheese sauce, that link works. If you have a hankering for miso udon soup, that link works too. (There were no curse words used trying to get the redirection to work.) EDIT: It appears that the links don’t all actually work. They did an hour ago. I don’t know what happened. But, I am about to learn about Churchill and The Darkest Hour so besting my head against the wall is going to have to wait. Someone try on your computer and then on your phone. They may be the issue.

The real fun comes in the kitchen though. Time to get to work!

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