Swedish Pancakes

One of my favorite childhood memories is waking up on cold and snowy weekends to go ski and then come home to Swedish pancakes.  (Whether that actually happened, I am not sure…but we sure did a lot of skiing and ate a lot of these little loves.)

Over the holiday break, we made these again for the first time in at least 20 years and some of our family’s favorite memories came flooding back–like the time I accidentally catapulted a huge pat of butter straight over my dad’s head smack onto the sliding glass door.  We are all still laughing about that one.

For me, these pancakes are full of warmth, love, and kindness.

They are perfectly doughy, yet soft.  Slightly sweet, yet tangy.  Top off that magic with butter and warm boysenberry syrup and they are absolutely perfect.  (I also love that I can eat eight of them and not feel guilty.)

Family traditions are so special because even when there is a twenty year time gap, the feelings and excitement are still the same.

I also love that we have used the same well-loved Better Homes and Garden red-checkered cookbook recipe for these Swedish pancakes the whole time.  There is no need to alter perfection.  We make them exactly as written.

Here’s to love, warmth, and kindness in the form of Swedish pancakes–from my family to yours.

Swedish Pancakes:

From the Red-Checkered Better Homes and Garden Cookbook

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