Chicken Lettuce Wraps

These cashew chicken lettuce wraps were delicious. Do I remember how I made them? Nope. That’s the problem with my extreme procrastination. This is pointing me towards what needs to be on the menu in the next couple of days though…

Fresh and Fancy Free!!

After successfully migrating from Blogger to WordPress, I am feeling accomplished and rather techy. I wonder if real computer folks literally cheer when some piece of code they write actually works. (I’ve done lots of cheering.) I’ve been playing with logos and other web design elements too. What fun!! Good news: All of the … [Follow your taste buds…]

Welcome to the Re-Imagination Station

After years and years of reusing, repurposing, and reinventing others’ recipes, ingredient selections, and great foodie ideas, I decided it was time to put my genius re-imaginations into one place.  Alas, I have joined the blogging world. Many have suggested along the way that I document (and share!) all of the fun things I do … [Follow your taste buds…]